The Family Stay-Cation – save money and have fun!


In these difficult economic times, many Seven & # 39; and predicting the traditional summer vacation to save money. Travel on the road was an expensive proposition with high gas prices, and cheap prices may just be unfriendly to seven & # 39; families who are trying to bring together the ends. It was there that come stay cation. This is an inexpensive alternative that solves a problem getting quality satisfaction with the children without the high cost and concerns travel.

What exactly is a & # 39 is katyngam?

My personal definition would be a period of time when your usual mode is temporarily suspended so that you can focus on the fun with family & # 39; it. Children are very just want time with you. They do not care that it happens at a theme park or in the backyard. A full-blown vacation to travel can be exhausting and too challenging for children who often crave the same way (you know what I mean – you & # 39; you have read the same book of short stories for Joey 132 times and count).

Explore and do things that you normally would not do. Take some time to really see the best places that can offer your city. Your local Tourist Office or the Chamber of Commerce can help identify the most popular and unseen places to visit. Often under the nose, which you have forgotten, often sitting cultural gems. Try to think like a tourist. What would you like to check you are going here for a week or two? "Mom, remember when we changed clothes and went to a porch & # 39 Star Wars. It was amazing!"

Some simple and interesting ideas for activities cations may contain:

1. Focusing on the subject. Pretend that you are traveling to another country or state. Go to Hawaii the day, shooting a video on how to learn to dance the hula, decorating fake tropical flowers in the shop for parties and all day wearing Hawaiian shirts with prints. Try a trip to the backyard. Set the tent, cook all the meals outside and play Frisbee and other games in the fresh air.

2. Try a family project. Maybe a ticket to find the best ice cream in a radius of 50 miles. Try the children to explore and make a list of all the local ice cream shops as well as find and enter them on the map. When you visit each place take a notebook so that everyone can record their favorite flavors and shops. Then you can vote for the top three places.

3. Check out new directions and activities.

  • In museums and parks usually come free events that take place all year round. Everything from music programs, art, child-friendly, hands-on exhibits and science can be interesting and teaching.
  • The public library is often the time of history, arts and crafts, children's musical performances, and maybe a puppet show.
  • Do not forget to community colleges. Activities and sports take place continuously in universities. Look what is happening on campus.
  • public festivals are held all year throughout the country. Maybe something is happening in your neck of the woods. They may be focused on all the things, such as cooking chili, blues music, lavender, and one of my favorites, Skijoring (pulled on the snowy ski jump for the horse through an obstacle course – yes, people actually sign up to do this).

Something & # 39; I katsionnay remains alive and well. Your "trip" can be for a weekend or a few weeks. Get out in the city or even in the backyard and learn. Happy trails!


Compare low cost portable air conditioner on the Internet before going out to buy


Portable air conditioners practically have, especially if you are the type that moves a lot or going on a long vacation in a warm and sunny places. It is also convenient to have a home replacement portable air conditioner that can be used in any part of the home that requires cooling. You can carry it from the living room to the patio. It can be used indoors or on the shaded outdoor terrace. When the summer gets too hot, you can even use a portable cooling unit to supplement your normal centralized cooling system.

Let's look at some portable air conditioner prices and compare them with each other.

Portable Air Conditioner Danby DPAC7099

Danby DPAC7099 portable air conditioner has an air flow of 282 CFM (cubic feet per meter). It is equipped with an electronically controlled fan speed and 3 to choose from. It can cool rooms up to 250 square feet. He is powerful enough to cool the sun room in the summer months. Price $ 279.00 – $ 340.00

Air Conditioning Soleus KY-9000

This device has the technology 3 to 1, which means that it can act as a cooling unit, and the dryer fan. He is energy efficient and has a 24-hour timer, programmable thermostat and 2 engine for better cooling capacity. It also automatically, and when the power fails, he can reboot independently with the same saved settings. In automatic mode, the portable air conditioner Soleus KY-9000 adjusts the temperature to the desired coolness. This design is very stylish in design. Price $ 342.00 – $ 379.00.

Sunpentown International WA-1220M Portable air conditioner

New 2005 Sunpentown WA1220m to 12,000 BTU can cool a room up to 400 square feet. He is energy efficient and uses plug-ins required for LCDI. If you use it for server rooms, it is recommended to manually control the device. In case of power failure it is switched on again when the power returns. Price 343.00 USD – 552.00 USD

Portable Air Conditioner Danby DPAC9008

Danby with a & # 39 is one of the largest producers of household appliances and has a very good reputation in North America. The company a series of small and medium-sized equipment adds comfort for today's busy lifestyle. You can not go wrong with such a reputable company as Danby. Price $ 350.00 – $ 444.00

Portable air conditioning Soleus PE2-09R-32

Small but powerful, Soleus portable air conditioner with 9000 Btu with & # 39 is an energy-efficient, powerful, yet very quiet. It can also be used as a desiccant. It uses evaporative technology that recycles the collected moisture to cool the room. This will prevent you from washing the wet floor or placing a bucket to collect the water. It also has a built-in timer and remote control unit for 24 hours. Price $ 294.00 – $ 500.00

Air Conditioning Haier CPRD12XC7

Haier – a major producer of consumer electronics, such as wine cellars, refrigerators, freezers and air conditioners. It is a well respected company with many years of experience in the field of home appliances. Price $ 354.00 – $ 410.00

Before you purchase a portable instrument, compare the prices of air conditioners in the network and measure the room to find out which device has enough power to comfortably cool it. Prices for air conditioning Var & # 39; iruyutstsa depending on the brand, capacity, power and cooling functions.


Adventures in Trasnmitter – Rise of the Warriors Rob


Hello, I go by the name of Zeke, and the first thing you need to know is what is the transmitter, and secondly, I was stuck inside one.

I came in 2046, but in 2035 the corporation Yoodle refined the technology to manipulate dreams to the fact that they can get them to finish, paint and extend. Simply put, anything that can be represented in real physical life, cooperation Yoodle may appear in a dream, and they did. All through a machine called a; Indeed transmitter. All you have to do is write your script for what you want, you want to program it in the car, to step into the car and then to experience the very best in dreams SUPER VIVID.

Please do not think that this is a dream, like the one that you spent last night when you can hardly understand that wake up and forget. These dreams are as vivid as real life and feel real life, since for most of them even more vivid than life.

Until recently Yoodle had access to information, images, and brain wave activity of each individual person, place or thing that has ever existed. Just so they can submit anything you want in this program that allows the user to be anywhere, be anyone, do anything, anytime, as long as they want. As I said before, all you need to do is enter in Yoodle machine, press a few buttons, and you exclude. The machine then you will fall asleep and begins a journey into the world of your choice.

Thus, we are today in 2045, when most working people are not already taking a vacation to a new physical earth. Rather, they want to spend a week, renting a real transmitter, so that they can rest in the house of a certain celebrity, dead or alive. Or are they again going through the time spent with old friends or family members & # 39; and left the planet Earth for decades up to the present time.

And you can forget about a nursing home, as more than half of the pension age people do not retire, they just work all my life, buy a car, go into the world and live a life where they again become young, not yet with the & # 39; yavyatsya real body expires, which completely avoids the effects of the aging process.

In the world almost all tend to accumulate wealth, to buy one of these machines, but it is very expensive cars. Brand new, they sell at retail for $ 500 000, and you can buy one that is used by 150 000 to 300 000 dollars. However, most people rent them at the Center for Transfer of Reality as low as 50 to 100 dollars per hour.

In any case, it's what are the transmitters, and what we are doing here in Yoodle, is to constantly strive to improve their performance and convenience. We create all the transmitters in the world and are also working on our network.

You can not believe it, but we also have a secret transmitter, which affects reality, it is called the main transmitter. If you walk into this car to a scenario programmed all that you feel in the car in real life at the moment when you experience it. This machine is very powerful and can cause serious & # 39; major universal implications, but only one person in the world has permission to use this machine, so it is never misused.

Yes, it was a normal day at my work here in Yoodle, except that I was working double time today, because Ronin lonely this week is on vacation. Also, for the same reason I was left the task to close the shop, which I was afraid. I just wanted to go home and be with his family & # 39; it.

The day passed quickly, but I wanted to turn off the main transmitter. I could not see anything, but soon began to hear what sounded like a thousand steps, what seemed a full army of soldiers who are in the hall. I stood there, afraid of what will happen next, because I knew it was not a friendly visit. After a few moments, my hands have been killed in the back, when I was handcuffed and blindfolded. I still could not say a word, but then I heard him say in a loud booming voice: "Come now, no time for delay!" Then I began to hear the sound, as multiple saws, working simultaneously. Now it became clear what the purpose of their visit: they have been the main transmitter.

I stood there and thought about the fact that these people do with such a powerful weapon. They knew that the solitary Ronin stopped them, and why they are here.

As soon as I heard a loud "clang", which signaled to me that they were released from the main transmitter has a preventive. At this point I was dragged out of the room, down the stairs and into the waiting car. The car started moving and went as it looked the day. At some point I fell asleep, and seemed taken these soldiers in the building. I have only awakened the head, and the bottom fell into the cold cement floor. Then I suddenly became hyper-side when again I heard this loud, loud voice: "Yes, you know how to do it Let's work," Then the man took his eyes from the eyes before my eyes, and I saw that the manifestation of my worst nightmare .

Lone Ronin was in Brazil, and Mandy was lying on a sandy beach overlooking the crystal-blue waters, when the clock began to speak. Hours Yoodle Ron had never spoken, so it is definitely an emergency.

Ronan Zack sent a message, but there was no answer. He sent messages to other managers of the company Yoodle, but all messages bounced back.

Ronan then turned to Mandy and said: "They have the main transmitter Someone knew where I was going to leave, and they got the main transmitter.". – said Ron, who looked as if he had just seen a ghost.

"Calm down, I'm sure you will understand," – quietly said Mandy.

"No, I will not calm down, you do not understand, we must go back!" – cried lonely Ronin, when he began to twist his towel with a sandy beach.

Once lending a hand, I saw that I was in a large one-room building with no windows, and in the middle of the building is the main transmitter, in which there were 500 US soldiers on all sides, who acted as guards.

"Stand up," said the man, when he hit me on the back.

I stood up. Then the men dragged me to the transmitter and kept me in front of him.

"Here's the deal, Mr. Zec, you are helping us to achieve our goals in this business, and you will live to see his little something & # 39;. W If you refuse, then you know what will happen", – he said the man sternly.

"Well, I will help as long as you let me see her again some & # 39; u" – I replied.

"We will conduct a little test here I want you to have caused the explosion at Yankee Stadium now, during a baseball game." – said the man.

I started to get nervous, I can not lose all these lives. I do not know what to do. "I can not do too many lives will be lost, please do not do this" – I asked.

"You did what you were told," – he said, when once again turned my back.

I really had no choice, so I programmed scenario in the car to the plane crashed in the middle of Yankee Stadium, and got into the car.

"Just tie me, and then press the red button" – I said to the man. I got into the car, the man then tied me, and I was at Yankee Stadium, watching the game. Pitcher broke, was a strike. Pitcher broke, it was a ball. Pitcher located, then it was a base hit. Then out of nowhere to be seen the plane flying very low, going our way. The game is stopped, and suddenly everyone was in a frenzied pitch & # 39; yatstve, trying to get out of the stadium. When I finally figured out, I heard a loud "crack" and saw the smoke that rose and even out of the stadium, and then woke up.

I got out to see three soldiers who look at their phones and do not even pay any attention to me. Then the man took out his pipe and waited, but nothing happened. "Can not, do it again!" cried a man on me, grabbed me by the arm.

"No, sir, look, the plane crashed in the middle of Yankee Stadium, but there were no casualties," – said the soldier, reading the news on your phone.

"Not the case? !!", the man asked with exasperation.

– I'm sorry – I said, tilting her head, waiting for his investigation.

"Take him, punish him, and return it only to the boundary of death, so that we can start working on their plans," – said the man.

"Not a problem, Mr.," Said the soldier, when he and another dragged me.

Meanwhile solitary Ronin tried to return home, but was faced with the most severe disabilities. He has a & # 39; went out of the hotel, but when he and Mandy got to the airport, it was a different story. They made their way directly to the service center and the airport were asked to return home, but was refused.

"No, you do not understand, I need to go home The world is in danger." – Minds solitary Ronin at the front desk airport.

"Danger? What are you? Superman?" He laughed agent.

He continued: "Your flight home will not be another four days, and you can buy a ticket, but no flight does not leave here another 14 hours."

"And no other choice?" I asked lonely Ronin.

"There is no alternative," – said the agent.

– Well, – I said disappointed, but determined solitary Ronin.

Then a lone Ronin turned to Mandy and said: "Wow, 14 hours, enough time to someone who has a master transmitter could do that God knows."

"So what are you going to do?" I asked Mandy

"Now I have to find a way out of here …" – firmly replied solitary Ronin.

If ryanina and Mandy stood before the screen displaying information about the flight, he came up with a plan.

"Mandy, when we can get to Canada, contact will be all right", – said the solitary Ronin.

"Huh?" Mandy asked.

"Just go for my forces," said the solitary Ronin, throwing all the luggage and grabbed Mandy's hand.

"And what about our luggage and souvenirs?" Mandy asked.

"I would like to think that the preservation of peace with & # 39 is more important than these things," – said a lone ronin when he began to Mandy to the gate 45, planning to ignore all the calls of those who tried to stop him.

When they finally got to the gate 45, the voice in the intercom said, "Last call for flight 705A in Montreal." Last older man got up to go through the gate, but before he could, Mandy and lonely Ronin broke right through the gate, into the tunnel, and boarded the plane. They quickly found a few empty seats in the back and bowed low.

While solitary Ronin tried to return home, I was beaten. I was kept in a dark room, and two soldiers beat me up and down, it seemed somehow a bamboo stick. I only know that I was dizzy, I did not feel the legs and could barely see.

"The next time, when the boss asks something of you, it is better to deliver it to the last detail," – said one of the soldiers.

"Well … okay," – I hardly.

The door opened.

"Enough!" Said Mr. C in the upper part of the lungs.

"Clean it up and bring it back, and I do not want a single drop on my machine", – he continued Mr. S.

"Yessir", said the soldiers together.

I thought about how Mr. S. said about this car as their own, even if he had not connected with the project, and thought about how everything will end when ryanina know about this situation. The latter gave me a little shiver of hope, which helped me to move on.

Soldiers wiped me toilet paper, brought me into the building and threw him on the floor in front of the main transmitter and Mr S.

"You do not look too good, hope it will be a lesson to you," – sarcastically said Mr S.

"Yessir", – I humbly replied.

"Anyway, enough of you, I have some work I want you to have programmed in me king of the world." – said Mr. C.

"I'm sorry, but it will not work" – I said, looking down and avoiding eye contact.

"WHAT WHY !!!" – shouted Mr. C, lowering his eyes and raising his fist to me.

I quickly responded, "No, it's not my fault if the central intelligence machine machine to count your request than immoral, irrational or unfair, it denies the request, I believe that one person who makes himself king of the world, will fall Category unfair.." .

"And just blow the whole baseball stadium?" sarcastically said one of the soldiers.

"Yes, but can not be a reason to blow up the baseball stadium," – I said.

"Like what?" I asked the soldier.

"Aliens," I replied.

"And the aliens … rational," the soldier replied sarcastically again.

Mr. C winced.

"He's lying, sir, just get him to write the script and program it," said the soldier.

"Do you know that right. Sit Zeke and do as you are told. So I get out of the place and the program scenario for Mr. C was king of the world. Then I waved firmly on the belt. It links me and sends me. It binds me, and then presses the button to send me, but the machine beeps and off.

"Try again!" – angrily said Mr S.

Then the soldiers again presses the button, but the machine again sells sound on and off.

"App. If I can not win the war in one day, I believe that I have to win a lot of small battles, and the final victory will not be my" angrily said Mr. S.

Mr. continued: "In order to find here someone who has a brain, I need someone came into this business and overcome the intelligence system." Then Mr.C left.

Somehow lonely Ronin and Mandy got to Montreal, Canada. Now all I had to do – with the & # 39; to go out of the plane and rent a car, and then go back to New York. However, once we broke all who first got off the plane in the tunnel met them six policemen.

"Parlez-vous Francais ou Anglais?" I asked one of the policemen to solitary Ronin.

"Huh?" I asked lonely Ronin.

"You two come with us", – said the policeman.

"Why?" I asked lonely Ronin.

"Come on, sir, do you know what you are doing is illegal, and now you are under arrest," – said the policeman.

After a few hours of reflection, Mr.C finally returned. He came up with a plan.

"Listen very well Zeke, I want you to put $ 2 billion into my bank account," said Mr.C.

"I'm not going to work", – unceasingly I said.

"You might want to avoid fish motifs on their own and think more about the team," – joking said one soldier.

"Shut up, everybody! Here I order and I suggest, not you! I'm here to anyone not paying for the advice!" cried Mr.C.

"The team is very astute thoughtful" – quietly Mr C said as he walked over and sat down in one corner of the room.

After another hour brooding silence Mr. C. invented another plan.

"Well, Zeke, this is it. The program is in the army of robots built along the same lines of the fictional Robocop, who listen only to my team. Half Men, half robot, but the highest artificial intelligence. They must not be any good" nor evil, but they are here to protect humanity from all threats. Create 50 of them to be here now, "- said Mr. C.

"Well," – I said – when I started programming a script in the main transmitter. When I finished, I sat in the transmitter, and then filed a soldier to tie me. Then the soldiers tied me and sent me all of my visual perception darkened.

Then I was back in the chair, and Mr. C. was in one corner of the building, giving the robot soldiers instructions. One of the robo-warriors rushed to my side and said: "Look Zeke …"

Then I woke up, and I thought for a moment. I looked toward the room, and Mr. was in one of the corners of the room, giving the slave-soldiers of instructions about what they work at night. Then one of them rushed to my side and said: "Look Zeke."

I said, "look at that?"

Then he opened his hand and pointed it in the direction of some 250 American soldiers, pressed a button on his chest and suddenly a big wave of fire swept them all without leaving their remains nothing but dust.

250 soldiers were terrified, and the building was no sound. C then slowly began to clap, then several soldiers Roebuck followed, then some more, and then as soon as possible all the slave-warriors applauded Mr. pp Var & # 39; yatski laughter, which can occur only when a person comes to the realization that he can no longer get in the way, and what you want, in the end can not be deducted from your understanding. I plunged head. What in heaven's name I just made?

Now that his Mr.C Robo Warriors almost ready for battle, his step was a definite highlight of the spring and in the eyes. He came to me as I sat at the transmitter: "I'm so glad that I, Zeke, you really made all of my dreams." Then he kissed me on the cheek.

Then he turned to his chief engineer, who worked on updating the robot systems.

"Set the chip and cameras on each of them", – Mr.C. said

"But sir, that we have set aside a further 28 hours, you said that you want them to be ready to date.", – said the engineer.

"Well, just set them in general, and the lieutenants," – compromising Mr.

Two hours later, after reinstalling, and the inclusion of all the robots, chief engineer made a big statement,

"Well, Mr.C, we are ready to take to the streets."

На працягу 20 хвілін г-нC усіх робатаў выстраіўся ў адзін файл, пасля чаго г-н стаў перад усімі робатамі і выступіў з прамовай,

Вы творы маіх рук і мае каманды простыя. Вы павінны скамяніць, тэрарызаваць і знішчыць усё, што вы бачыце, пакуль мы не будзем кантраляваць Нью-Ёрк, потым ЗША, а потым і ўвесь свет. Зрываюць кожны міліцэйскі ўчастак, кожную вулічную банду і проста любую пагрозу, якая нам перашкаджае!

На працягу некалькіх гадзін воіны Роба пачалі запальваць горад з агнём, больш феерверкаў, чым чацвёртага ліпеня. Воіны Роба пачалі выводзіць усіх у палон і захоўваць у закінутых складах. Акрамя таго, кожны міліцэйскі ўчастак быў падарваны ў кавы. Цяпер яны былі доўгім законам, і г-н C глядзеў на камэры лейтэнанта робата і атрымліваў асалоду ад яго кожнай хвіліны.

Між тым у Манрэалі, Ронан і Мэндзі затрымаліся ў камеры, калі іх нарэшце выклікалі на званок.

Першы шанец атрымаў Ронан, таму ён патэлефанаваў Зэку, але адказу не атрымаў.

"Гэта ўсё, вы вяртаецеся," сказаў наглядчык.

"Але ніхто не адказаў", сказаў Ронан.

"Мне ўсё роўна, адзін званок – усё, што вы атрымаеце", – сказаў начальнік управы.

"Добра, ці можа ён выкарыстаць мой званок, бо былі разам?" спытала Мэндзі.

Надзвычайны начальнік зрабіў паўзу і сказаў: "Добра, яшчэ адзін званок, потым нічога больш за вас на ўсю астатнюю ноч".

– Добра, – сказаў Ронан, калі ён зноў асцярожна набраў нумар.

На гэты раз Ронан патэлефанаваў кіраўніку службы бяспекі Yoodle Полу Макгвайру. Ён быў адным з некалькіх людзей, якія ведалі пра галоўны перадатчык. Калі б хто-небудзь мог дапамагчы ім, гэта быў Павел.

"Ронан, дзе ты?" спытаў Павел.

"Я і Мэндзі зачыненыя ў турме тут, у Манрэалі, Канада", – сказаў Ронан.

"Чакайце … што? Як?" спытаў Павел.

"Добра, мы былі ў адпачынку і даведаліся, што галоўны перадатчык быў выкрадзены …", нецярпліва сказаў Ронан.

"Чакайце … што? Як ???? !!!!!!!" – спытаў Павел, павышаючы голас.

"Так, што вы былі пад скалой ці што?" спытаў Ронан.

Пол на імгненне зрабіў паўзу, магчыма, гледзячы на ​​абнаўленне навін, потым кажа: "Я мяркую, што гэта растлумачыць з'яўленне гэтых робатаў, якія руйнуюць горад Нью-Ёрк.

"Так," сказаў Ронан.

– Трымайся, – сказаў Павел, адыходзячы ад тэлефона на хвіліну.

"Я не магу ўзяцца за Зэка, я разумею, што той, хто яго атрымаў, мае і перадатчык", – працягваў Пол.

"Так, як я думаў! Галоўны перадатчык нічога не стварыў, калі б ён не быў створаны, каб быць добрым. Адзіны спосаб, які натхняе гэта, можа выйграць, выкарыстоўваючы дабро, каб здзейсніць зло. Глыбока ўніз, гэтыя робаты добра ведаюць, што яны трэба рабіць, гэта проста зрабіць іх з іх.

"Ну, няма лепшага зрабіць гэта, чым вы, Ронан", – сказаў Пол.

"Я паеду туды, калі выйду", – сказаў Ронан.

"Добра, мы даставім вам два білеты першага класа дадому, проста адправіцеся ў аэрапорт Трудо, дазвольце мне пагаварыць з начальнікам", – сказаў Пол.

"Добра, дзякуй", сказаў Ронан, рухаючы рукамі, потым перадаваў тэлефон начальніку.

Павел правёў каля 30 секунд, размаўляючы з старастам, перш чым павесіць слухаўку. Затым начальнік управы звярнуўся да Ронана і Мэндзі і сказаў: "Чаму вы не сказалі, што працуеце на Yoodle. Вы двое можаце ехаць".

На наступную раніцу ў 2 гадзіны ночы (праз 6 гадзін) Ронан, нарэшце, прабраўся ў раён Брукліна Нью-Ёрка, дзе робаты рыхтаваліся выстраліць цэлы рамонт.

На шчасце, міліцыя перахапіла іх і спрабавала ўмяшацца, але беспаспяхова. Цяпер гэта было супрацьстаянне паміж групоўкай робатаў і цэлым паліцэйскім участкам.

Усе яны стаялі насупраць ажыўленай шашы з каля 20 робатаў з аднаго боку, а з другога боку былі выстраіліся 50 паліцыянтаў. Ва ўсіх бакоў была ўзята зброя.

Ронан прабраўся да начальніка паліцыі, які стаяў у адным канцы лініі, і параіў прыязную параду,

"Я ведаю тое, што можа палегчыць нам жыццё з гэтымі робатамі", – сказаў Ронан.

"Які?" – спытаў настойліва цікаўны міліцыянт.

"Ну, вы можаце не верыць у гэта, але яны зусім не злыя. У глыбіні душы ў іх ёсць сэрца, якое працуе так жа, як у нас. Проста трэба ведаць, як мець зносіны са сваёй сутнасцю", – сказаў Ронан.

"Вы кажаце, што вы павінны разважаць з гэтымі нечалавечымі, бязлітаснымі тэрарыстамі?" спытаў расчараваны міліцыянт.

"Так", сказаў Ронан.

"Добра, я дакладна не чалавек для працы. Яны проста ўзарвалі 100 маіх супрацоўнікаў, нават не падміргнуўшы воку", – сказаў міліцыянт.

"Добра, я спраўлюся з гэтым", – упэўнена сказаў Ронан.

"Як хочаце," сказаў міліцыянт, паказваючы рукамі сваім людзям.

Затым Ронан пераступіў бар'ер, апусціўшы рукі ў паветра. Але робаты не апусцілі зброі.

"Хто з вас лідар?" – закрычаў Ронан, калі ён наблізіўся да робатаў.

"Mr.C – гэта наш майстар і лідэр, Mr.C – гэта наш майстар і лідэр", ва ўнісон адказалі робаты.

Ронін на хвіліну спыніўся, прамаўляючы імя містэра. У апошні раз, што ён чуў пра Mr.C, ён быў мёртвы. Цяпер ён адзін, хто кіруе гэтымі робататэхнікамі? Гэта павінна азначаць, што ў яго ёсць галоўны перадатчык, альбо ён знаходзіцца ў саюзе з тым, хто яго мае. Цяпер місія была простай, знайдзіце Mr.C, знайдзіце галоўны перадатчык. Задача знайсці галоўнага робата, які адказвае, не такая простая.

"Добра, хто з вас генерал?" спытаў Ронан.

"Колькасць 10000 куб.см – гэта наш агульны, а 10000 куб.см – наш агульны", – гаварылі ва ўнісон робаты.

"Вы можаце, калі ласка, патэлефануеце яму за мяне!" закрычаў Ранан.

Адзін з робатаў націснуў кнопку і на працягу 30 секунд робат вышынёй у 8 футаў 3 цалі выходзіць на малюнак на срэбнай механічнай коні. Ён спускаецца з каня, а потым ходзіць і стаіць перад Ранінам. Затым ён груба хапае Роні за шыю.

Тады Ронан ахнуў і сказаў: "Гэта не мой намер уступаць у бой з вамі … Я хачу толькі ведаць прычыну таго, што вы робіце тое, што робіце".

"Мы – адданыя салдаты, якія толькі выконваюць працу нашага гаспадара, г-н С. Ён даручыў нам маральнае ачышчэнне нацыі, і гэта менавіта тое, што мы робім", – 10000 куб. ён адпусціў шыю Ронана.

"Але вы не бачыце, што тое, што вы робіце, не так?" спытаў Ронан.

"Няправільна?" Спыталі 10000 куб.

"Вы траўміруеце, саджаеце ў турму і забіваеце нявінных людзей. Вы знішчаеце дзяржаўную і прыватную ўласнасць", – сказаў Ронан.

"Як?" спытаў 10000 куб.см, сапраўды разважаючы над заявай Ронана.

У той жа час Mr.C пачаў праглядаць і слухаць відэа-канал 10000 куб. "Хто гэта размаўляе з маім генералам? І чаму ён не забівае яго?" – ліхаманкава спытаў Mr.C да свайго галоўнага інжынера, які стаяў каля пісьмовага стала. Інжынер не адказаў.

Г-н зірнуў бліжэй у камеру. "Гэта … Ранан зноў мяшаецца ў мае справы?" працягваў Mr.C.

"Усе людзі, якіх вы сталі ахвярамі, былі нявіннымі людзьмі. Яны нічога дрэннага не зрабілі, але вы так захапілі місію Mr.C, што вы забыліся думаць пра сябе", – шчыра сказаў Ронан.

Тады можна было пачуць унутраны мікрафон больш за 10000 куб.см, "Ронан, заткніся. 10000 куб. См не слухайце яго, падарвайце яго зараз. 10000 куб. См вы бескарысны кавалак металу", – строга сказаў г-н.

"Так, сэр," сказаў 10000 куб.см., падняўшы правую руку робататэхнікі, дазваляючы ў канцы 12-га стрэльбовага стрэльбы замяніць яго жорсткі металічны кулак.

Затым 10000 куб.см прыпынілі.

Ронан зноў спытаў: "Вы не бачыце, што тое, што вы робіце, няправільна? Ці не так?"

"Так, мы робім", сказаў 10000 куб. Затым 10000 куб.см націснулі на шэры бок кнопку сэрца.

"Цяпер мы ўсё разбурым. Гэта правільна зрабіць, і мы ўжо зрабілі так шмат няправільна. Мы былі створаны, каб рабіць дабро і не давалі дабра. Дзякуй, сэр Ро-нан", – сказаў 10000 куб. Затым 10000 кубічных кубікаў высунулі ягоную робататэхнічную руку, каб паціскаць, калі Ранан паціскаў яму руку. Пасля гэтага ўсе робаты пачалі разбіраць адначасова, паступова пакідаючы замест іх тысячы штук бясформеннага металу.

"ШТО ў … здарылася?" лямантаваў Mr.C, назіраючы, як ягоны сон стаў кашмарам. "Мае дарагія робаты … усе яны пайшлі", – закрычаў ён.

Затым галоўны інжынер падышоў да Mr.C і сказаў: "Сэр, калі я магу перашкодзіць, вы былі той, хто папрасіў іх валодаць высокім ультра штучным інтэлектам. У чалавечым розуме, калі ў чалавека высокі штучны інтэлект, калі сутыкаецца з Маральная сітуацыя, калі ад іх патрабуецца выбраць правільнае ці няправільнае, яны заўсёды будуць выбіраць правільныя, і гэтыя істоты абралі правільнае ".

Спадар С не адказаў. Ён толькі гнеўна ўгледзеўся ў адлегласць, а потым сказаў: "Калі ўлада над светам патрабуе настойлівасці, тады настойлівасць атрымаецца".

"Zekeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee", закрычаў Mr.C у верхняй частцы лёгкіх.


Holidays on a honeymoon: Tips for making a decision about the ideal Romantic Destinations


One of the biggest decisions that maladazhtsy should take – is where to go on a honeymoon and how much it is to spend money. You should enjoy the search. Do not let you emphasize. Of course, there are many areas and many hotels and resorts to choose from, you can easily narrow. Here are some guidelines for choosing honeymoon vacation.

• As with any vacation, you should always start with a budget. Have an idea of ​​how much money you can afford to spend on the trip. How many days is the trip? Set the total budget, and a daily budget. In addition to the suite and tickets, please note the price of food, drinks and entertainment.

• Consider your destination. Exotic beach vacations are very popular these days in places such as the Bahamas, the Caribbean, Mexico, Maldives, Fiji and others. However, in Europe there are many romantic cities. You do not even need to leave the United States. Maybe you can do business with Vegas or go to Hawaii. As for bungalow rentals in Key West? Or exciting week in New York? Make a list of places that you and your fiance want to go, and compare prices.

• If you have problems with accommodation in a certain direction, at least come up with a theme. Or & # 39 is the exotic beach for you? Or an exciting city vacation? And what about the adventures? Romantic mountain Honeymoons always a good idea.

• Holidays on a honeymoon should not always be in the same place. You can always go on a cruise. Azamara Cruises, Princess, Norwegian and Celebrity offer great packages for the honeymoon. Today's cruise ships have spas, butler, luxury apartments, and more. You can stay on the ocean most of the time or choose a route with spectacular port cities.

• Sometimes it is necessary to think about the season and the weather, & # 39; e. You do not want to feel uncomfortable in hot, humid conditions or in icy cold environment. Even if you plan to spend most of their time indoors, the extreme outward & # 39; e can cause disruptions to your travel plans. For example, it is not a good idea to go on a cruise to the Caribbean during hurricane season.

• Finally, make a list of all the amenities that you want. What can be done? What do you have to have? Comparing vacation honeymoon, look for those that offer all the necessary amenities.

Final words

Internet sites – a resource for the young. A leading travel website in the world, and that is where you will surely find the best deals on honeymoon vacation. You can explore all the areas that interest you, compare the prices and convenience.


Sun Country Vacations Overview destination options, airlines, resorts, and more


Sun Country Airlines for the last couple of years, offers excellent holiday packages. Airliner passed long way from its humble maiden journey in 1983 between the Sioux and waterfalls Vegas. Today, it offers flights to nearly 40 destinations in North America and the Caribbean, with many convenient day-night flights. If you are looking for an inexpensive but fun travel packages, think about Sun Country vacation.

Here is an overview of some of vacation offers that you will find in this company:

• Kambichnyya Mexican proposal and the Caribbean

• Mexico Vacations

• Caribbean vacation

• Activities in the US

• Costa Rica Vacations

There is also a UFly awards are available to members who earn points. You may want to consider becoming a member of UFly, if you plan to travel a lot.

You can also book car hire with a flight purchase and / or the hotel package in the city in all 50 US states. For large groups (10 or more) spadyaytsesya in the group department of the company, as the experts will help you organize individual travel experience. Rent a car from Enterprise, National and Alamo.

Sun Country Vacations includes quite beautiful resorts such as Melia Hotels International, RIU and Luxury Hideaway Luxury Hotels & Resorts. Some hotels have family and some for adults only. There are many options to choose from, no matter what point of the selection you have chosen.

For a holiday in the United States, Sun Country has just added two new destinations to its growing list of New Orleans and Santa Barbara. Other options include the appointment of Orlando, Las Vegas, Fort Myers, New York and Hawaii. Flight schedules are usually available for 6 months in advance. You can subscribe to receive an email when a new & # 39 will leave. coaching class passengers get complimentary drinks and first class passengers get a wide range of free snacks, meals and drinks.

Modifications suburban Sun holidays

Number of nights that you can stay depends on the package, hotel and flight schedules. The average number of nights booked a vacation Sun Country, is eight. While it is always ideal to book in advance, these vacation packages are available for booking 72 hours prior to departure time.

If you do not want to rent a car, some packages include roundtrip transfer between hotel and airport. There is the opportunity to travel in the protection plan that covers lost / damaged luggage, the clock medical care (in the world), the protection price, etc.

One of the main reasons why people choose to holiday in the sun, due to the availability. This is somewhat less than the available travel packages – and you can count on a good time!

Sun Country Airlines partners with the best & # 39 are the tourist sites. This is where to go if you want to book a holiday in any direction. With the help of online coupons you can get an even better deal on your trip. You do not get the best discounts on holiday in the sun country anywhere else.


Super Cheap vacation packages Overview: what to expect with the available tourism opportunities


What happens when you want to take a trip for a few days, but you have no money? The answer, of course, is simple: just use the Internet to find super cheap holiday packages. They are there – you just need to know how to find them. It helps to use the sites for travel discounts, which cooperate with airlines and hotels, and allows consumers to seek the best deals for destinations with these dates. If you do not have in mind the exact dates, check the 24-hour deals, weekly offers, deals in the last minute, etc.

Do not think that super-cheap packages for holidays – it only places that are not very popular and not to lose. There is a wide variety of packages to choose from, including ski resorts, beach trips, casino, golf bags, large urban shoots and more. For many areas of availability depends on the season. If in a certain place is not the peak of the season and the weather & # 39; e is not fragile, it is much easier to get the cheapest price.

If you want to go to a place like Florida or the Caribbean, but you do not have a big budget, just wait until the hurricane season will go. Keep an eye on weather reports & # 39; and so that you know when and where it can form a hurricane or tropical storm, and fly to a destination not on the way. You will be surprised by some deals that you can find around this time of year.

You want to go to a big city like New York, Vegas, San Francisco, Dallas, Chicago, Boston or Seattle? Walk whenever in town do not have any important events or & # 39; entrances. Prices tend to be somewhat lower if nothing suras & # 39; oznaga happens.

Super Cheap vacation packages outside the US

Sometimes even a super easy to find cheap holiday packages to international destinations. Some of the least expensive countries to visit these days include Laos, Mexico, Nepal, Nicaragua, Guatemala and Cambodia. If you can not afford to travel to popular international destinations such as Paris, London, Madrid, Tokyo, Seoul and Sydney, there is always a cheaper alternative. Simply browse websites for discount travel to find recommendations. Have a look at the reviews of budget hotels and hostels – you can always go with a backpack.

Another possible way to save money – is the flexibility at the airports. If you can not find a lower fare on air tickets to selected airport, think about the flight to another airport in the region. Even if it means that you have to rent a car for an extra day or take a bus or train to the hotel, you can still save more money.

Several super cheap vacation packages can be found not on land and at sea. Look cruise offers to find out addresses of any route to you.

Search the Internet for a super cheap holiday packages to locations around the world. Whether you like to take a cruise, cross out the items in the list of leading "must view", or just want to escape for a few days, there is a transaction on the Internet to the package almost anything.


Cheap holidays to rest for two – 5 great ideas for an affordable romantic trip


Just because your on a tight budget does not mean you can not enjoy a pleasant stay with your significant other. Even if you just want to spend a romantic weekend in the country, there are several excellent proposals. You will find many destinations within the country and abroad, are not worth a lot of money. Here are a few cheap holiday for two to a few ideas:

South Padre Island, Texas

It is a place in Texas – it's just a popular destination for spring. It's a nice place to visit for all types of travelers. Your route is replenished quickly – especially if you are traveling in the off-season, when everything is available at a discounted price. If you want to relax on the water or go on exciting adventures such as windsurfing and diving, this can be a great place to visit.

Pocono Mountains, New England

The Poconos have more than 30 free hotels and 100+ three-star hotels at affordable prices. Stay in the Poconos can be a very romantic experience, no matter where you drive. If you want to spend most of the time outdoors, then you will need to make a basic hotel. However, you still need to consider the location of the hotel, so you want to stay in a place close to the attractions that you are interested again.

St. Thomas, USVI

Getting to this affordable places in the Caribbean can be using the cruise ship or air. City really knows how to serve visitors, and entertainment romantic activities is not enough. You can enjoy the lively nightlife and restaurants for every price range. Spend your days lounging by the pool, or, or by visiting the Nature Park.

Lake Tahoe, NV

Beautiful lake city bustling year round. If you are traveling in the summer, you can enjoy a walk on a boat across the lake and go on a scenic ride on the gondola. In the winter months, Lake Tahoe – a haven for snowboarders and skiers. Stay warm in a romantic, cozy cabin. In search of best getaway for two you will not have trouble finding an affordable cabin or resort.

Napa Wali, California

There is not anything romantic as beautiful vineyard slopes. It also should not be an expensive holiday. In this area there are many hotels and taverns that for $ 150 per night. You can drive to the Napa Valley from your own home, or get on a plane to San Francisco or Oakland and get there. You want to stay at least for a few days. Do not forget to ride the wine train!

These are just some of the many cheap holidays to relax for two, are available. In any part of the world there are many other romantic places.

You watched coupons and discounts more to find out how you can save on vacation? No matter where you want to go or where you want to fly, there is always some type of transactions. Go through cheap holidays for two now and decide which of them will do.


Search vacation rentals that will give you a place to rest


If you work long hours and get little time with family & # 39; it, or time for yourself, then you're probably expecting some relaxation in the future. There are many options that can be a great place for recreation. One of the options that you have in the family & # 39; and, – a vacation rental.

Vacation rental – great, because there is a many-sided, if you decide to go this route. Versatility is the ability to bring your own food or order out. You do not have to pay for food in the total cost of the rent. Depending on location, bed linen should be included. If you go this route, you will be sure to ask. You'll probably spend less money on holiday so than if you choose a hotel or resort.

If you decide to go on a vacation rental, you will want to be a bit selective in his choice. You should make sure that you have selected the net rental is equipped with all linens, sorting, comfortable furniture and well managed staff. These requirements will help you get a more enjoyable experience during the holidays.

To find out if the rental place has these attributes, you need to either visit or learn from someone who has visited. You can visit the website and see the photos and read the reviews, but sometimes it is difficult to say whether or not the information is biased. There on the & # 39; objective websites that may be useful in the selection.

To learn about the staff and customer service, you can call the place of residence. Make sure that you have the opportunity to talk with the man, who & # 39 is the main part of the business. Sometimes companies are too big to have good customer service. Good to go in a different direction, which works well in their business, but there must be a balance between this and the quality of customer service. Some companies do not understand.

Once you are able to take the time to research areas are important to you, make sure you do not forget to check the warranty companies that you think. Must be money-back guarantee if you are disappointed with a stay in one of the holiday rental you decide to choose. A company that stands behind their properties, is very important.


How to find the best prices on vacation in Costa Rica


This may be a tiny nation, but Costa Rica – a tourist paradise, which attracts 1.5 million visitors, and is definitely worth a look for time to relax. Travelers adventure, lovers of wildlife and marine life, maladazhonki and family groups are flocking to this tiny nation on vacation in Costa Rica. The increase in tourism to ensure that Costa Rica will no longer be so affordable for budget travelers as before. However, a smart traveler should be able to overcome this obstacle.

Accommodation – one of the biggest expenses for travel to any part of the world. However, traveling to Costa Rica, we can control the cost of hotels and resorts are looking at deals on vacation. Even a simple search on the Internet provides many excellent rental results holiday in Costa Rica. Cheap deals are available. However, you may have to go shopping, and do not choose the first available offer.

Tips on finding affordable vacation in Costa Rica

1. Determine your festive route: Make a list of all the things you want to do, and all the places you want to visit before you start shopping for the appropriate holiday homes. Rentals can be easily available in some areas and not in others. Want to visit the Monteverde cloud forest? Then look for rent in Santa Elena, and maybe in San Luis and San Gerardo. If your heart is set on visiting the volcano Arenal, look for a place closer to the area to reduce the time of travel. Beach lovers can try the tamarind rent. There are many other options for renting a beach holiday. In Costa Rica, there are many beautiful beaches, including Playa Daminikal, Santa Teresa and Manuel Antonio.

2. Study the description of the rental: Carefully review the description of the available holiday rentals. Costa Rica has become a popular tourist destination for many years. As a result, many homeowners tend to earn quick income, advertising their properties as holiday homes. Rent may be different for different properties, but if you come up with an incredibly cheap deal, study description. Lack basic facilities? This the first time that this property is rented? Do research before you enter into any transaction.

3. Look at photos: Properties on the beach, a villa in the jungle, or even a place in the heart of San Jose can be perfectly presented on the travel sites. But in the absence of photographs, can be a good idea to avoid this property. You would not want to fly on a vacation to find a home that unhygienic, stuffy and small. Remember that photos can also be insidious. So make sure you read the fine print carefully.

4. Ask about available amenities: Rent is easy to find. However, finding a convenient and affordable rental homes for vacation can be a challenge. Before you start, think about all the benefits that you need. Since this is not hotels and resorts, you can not take even principles such as air conditioning and laundry facilities. Some of the rental agencies in Costa Rica may not have all the basic amenities. However, many will. If you are hoping for a more indulgent stay, you can even find cheap luxury vacation rental. In Costa Rica, there are hundreds of quality holiday villas. It may take some time to find them.

5. Be flexible about their schedules: Top holiday home in Costa Rica, as a rule, are booked for months in advance. You will eventually find other rental homes, corresponding to both your needs and your budget. However, if you are looking for one of the most popular choices, whether they are on the beach or in the lively San Jose vacation rental in Costa Rica may require a more flexible schedule. Very well be divided into three or four dates of the block. In the selected holiday house must be available to book at least one of these dates.

6. Speak directly with the owners: If you are looking for great discounts on bills for your holiday home, look for vacation rental owners. Vacation rental in Costa Rica can be cheaper if you will communicate and negotiate directly with the owner. You could get more information about the property. Friendly and helpful owner – a benefit when it comes to country houses. Moreover, you can get special tips for traveling from a local resident that will help make your stay on vacation on vacation in Costa Rica even more interesting.


Insurance plans for foreign travel – costs less and offers more


Everyone wants a vacation to enjoy quality time with their loved ones, and the Indians are no exception. The sector tourist trips to India this year, felt the suras & # 39; significant increase because international tourist destinations are very popular among the Indians in 2015. Obstacles, such as inflation, rapid ticket price and the depreciation of the rupee, could not hold back the wandering spirit of Indian travelers to travel the world. More than 60% of Indians are rampant pagarshayuchymi rupees and aspire to travel. However, in the Indian travel indicator travel insurance for the trip it is still sad.

The younger generations prefer to travel to international destinations at least once a year. According to the survey, 90% of these travelers to use their own savings overseas travel and do not consider cover for traveling. It is surprising that this thinking savvy younger generation, when ICICI Lombard conducted a survey in the age group 25-35 years among 1049 people from the six metro cities of India, which had international travel in the previous year.

In addition, the survey shows that among young Indian travelers to Singapore & # 39 is the most popular destination for travel; second and third places are occupied by US and UK.

Let's look at the available travel plans and their prices for those who prefer this direction. Let's start with Singapore.

Travel insurance plans are available for travel to Singapore

The following list of the top 5 political proposals in terms of the lowest premium – for the 30-year-old man who is looking for a single trip to Singapore. The journey is 10 days, and the selected sum insured is 500,000 US dollars.

  1. Universal Sompo – Award of Rs. 942 year
  2. HDFC Ergo – Award of Rs. 1015
  3. Reliance – Award of Rs. one thousand one hundred twenty-nine years
  4. TATA AIG – Award of Rs. 1234
  5. Religare – Premium Rs.1666

Lowest Prize – Rs. 942 for travel insurance plan for a 10-day trip to any Asian country, such as Singapore, Thailand. That is, you have to pay less than the rupee. 100 per day, to make your journey safe and secured . Indian travelers should be aware that travel plans are not only inexpensive, but they also provide baggage loss coverage, passports, theft and even ambulances.

Travel insurance plans are available for travel to the UK

The following list of the top 5 political proposals in terms of the lowest premium – for one person, who is looking for a trip to the UK. The journey is 10 days, and the selected sum insured is 500,000 US dollars.

  1. Universal Sompo – Award of Rs. 942 year
  2. Bajaj Allianz – Award Rs.991
  3. HDFC Ergo – Award of Rs. 1015
  4. Reliance – Award of Rs. one thousand one hundred twenty-nine years
  5. Bajaj Allianz (Travel Elite Platinum) – Award of Rs. 1139 year

Universal Sompo provides the lowest prize. travel insurance plan insurance is also Rs. 942 10-day trip to the UK.

travel insurance policy for travel to US

The following list of the top 7 political proposals in terms of the lowest premium – for 1 person, who is looking for a trip to the US. The journey is 10 days, and the selected sum insured is 500,000 US dollars.

  1. Universal Sompo – Award of Rs. one thousand three hundred forty-four year
  2. HDFC Ergo – Award of Rs. 1438 year
  3. Bajaj Allianz – Award Rs.1441
  4. IFFCO-TOKIO – Award Rs.1456
  5. Bajaj Allianz (Travel Elite Platinum) – Award of Rs. 1658
  6. TATA AIG – Award of Rs. 1694 year
  7. Reliance – Award of Rs. 1783

Lowest Prize – Rs. One thousand three hundred forty four for travel insurance plan for the 10-day trip to the United States. Imagine that you are getting all kinds of risks, covered less than paid rupees. 140 for each day of your trip .

Most travel insurance plans in India in terms of baggage and medical coverage

The survey vdakladnilasya that 79% of people buying travel plans to provide assistance in emergency situations. Luggage security with & # 39 is the second leading cause, when 60% of the people behind the purchase of the policy. So let's find the best travel insurance plans in terms of emergency medical and security of baggage.

From the above list of travel policy for the United States, two plans Reliance Bajaj Allianz and look best in the luggage galore.

Platinum Reliance Travel care offered $ 1,500 for the loss of checked baggage for a premium of Rs.1783.

Premium Elite Plan Premium Bajaj Allianz provides $ 1,000 for a premium of Rs. 1658 for the loss of checked baggage .

To get the best possible coverage for emergency situations in the field of medicine, the best plan Titanium HDFC ERGO. It primarily covers:

  1. Costs for ambulance
  2. Permanent disability / accidental death
  3. health insurance
  4. Loss of personal documents
  5. accidental death
  6. baggage loss
  7. Emergency financial support
  8. personal responsibility

How much does the foreign policy of travel for a couple?

According to the survey, 52% of travelers prefer to travel with her husband and a wife. Thus, if these people can benefit from travel plans to visit the US or the UK or Singapore, as they have to pay?

Let's start with a trip to the US for 10 days for the sum insured in the amount of US $ 100 000, which covers 2 people who 30 or 28 years.

Religare offers the best plan, which includes a premium of Rs. 2407.

If you compare the travel plans for couples wanting to visit the UK, while maintaining the same criteria for the duration of the trip, the insured amount and the age of the traveler, Religare offers the best plan. The award of this plan – Rs. 1537 year.

To travel to countries such as Singapore, Thailand in Asia, which has become a major travel destination in 2015, the couple must spend even less money on travel insurance policy. If you compare insurance plans covering Asia, you will get the lowest premium of Rs. 1218 Plan of Asian studies provided Religare.

Positive part of the survey with the & # 39 is to raise awareness among Indian travelers. More than 90% of the younger generation aware of travel insurance that has increased significantly compared to last year by 80%. One of the main suppliers of travel insurance plans in India; Last year, ICICI Lombard has concluded a total award of travel insurance at the rate of Rs 100 and it can be expected that the premium will increase by 5-10% this year. The problem is not in the mind; This lack of understanding of the benefits associated with these travel.

27% of respondents decided not to take advantage of the travel insurance simply because they were wrong when such plans cover only accidents, loss of baggage and theft, but do not have medical coverage. This is far from the truth, as a full breakthrough Titanium HDFC ERGO plan shows the coverage of emergency situations.

25% of people surveyed did not purchase travel plan, because they believed that such plans are expensive, but it is not. The cost of all the plans mentioned here below about Rs. From 100 to less than Rs. 140 for each day of the 10-day trip. Political travel insurance for a pair of even cheaper, as there are within less than a rupee. 65 per person less than rupees a day. 125 per day per person for destinations such as USA, UK and all the countries of Asia, including popular destinations such as Singapore, Thailand.

Indians love to spend vacation in international destinations. International travel insurance plan is not worth much and offers a lot in return. If you are also a pilgrim, you should ensure that the total duration of the trip, so you can enjoy your holiday with complete peace of mind.